Music Production

3Z Dream team will produce one song, a few songs or a full CD project for prospective artists. We can provide lyrics, full musical arrangements, customized production services including demos, recording, mixing, overdubs…you name it. Our production team will provide a free consultation with any and all prospective artists in person or via tele- or video conference. From acoustic arrangements to beat developments we will meet your music production needs and dreams to life—Live in 3Z!

Studio Time/Services

We offer a wide range of studio services from tracking, recording, and mixing for extremely competitive rates. In fact, we will work with your budget and offer flexible payment plans for studio services. Our studio is led by an extremely professional staff and a premier sound engineer with “perfect pitch.” It will be your honor and privilege to work with them.

Click on our 3Z Dreams studio link to request a consultation or to schedule studio time today.

Marketing & Distribution Campaign

Our professional marketing, distribution and branding team provides customized marketing and distribution plans/strategy for prospective artists. 3Z Dreams will provides digital and visual branding to include social networking; publishing on popular streaming sites, internet radio, & major digital retailers as well one-sheet press-kits and so much more. Contact 3Z Dreams today to discuss your dreams and we’ll help you make them come alive.

Artist Management

3Z Dreams staff brings to bear a combination of 35 years of music and arts production, booking, promotion and management. Artist management and branding is available after consultation. 3Z Dreams will assist with booking, publishing, and all business administration for artists and associated work. Click “here” to begin your online consultation or inquiry today.


3Z dream team has songwriters who will provide songs—music and lyrics—for prospective artists. In rare and minimal instances will music and/or lyrics, to include copyright and registration, be sold to prospective clients.