3Z Dreams Productions is an independent production company focused on making dreams come alive for anyone who dares to dream and act on those dreams. We are a team created by divine inspirations we call “dreams”. 3Z was birthed by dreamers; we are, therefore, in essence, a company for the dreamer by the dreamer. We transform dreams and aspirations into life-changing experiences and the eventual life-long success with the hope that all 3Z dreamers will then “pay it forward.” We will take a dream and a talent and transform it into reality.

3Z Dreams provides or coordinates all the services an artist and a dreamer require. We produce, create, market, distribute, promote, and brand your music. We develop the marketing plans and distribution schemes at affordable rates with options to use flexible payment schedules. 3Z provides several options for artists to achieve their goals and dreams which include, but are not limited to allowing the artist to financially invest in their own careers as independent artists, or offering executive production options for select dreamers.

If you are the interested dreamer, keep flipping through this site. When you arrive on the Contact Us page, send us an email and/or drop your samples in the dropbox. We look forward to hearing from you.